Valentra Clit Cream – Clitoral Stimulation Cream

The most talked about clit cream, or female sexual enhancement cream, is currently Valentra. Valentra is a gentle, non-prescription cream, medically formulated to increase a woman’s sensitivity AND sexual desire.

Valentra contains NO HORMONES and is a COMPLETELY NATURAL ORGANIC CREAM. It is a unique blend of natural herbs known to possess various properties that will increase sensitivity in the clitoris. For example, Wild Yam and Peppermint Leaf, used to reduce tension and act as a natural lubricant. Valentra also contains Ginseng to improve circulation and vasodilation, as well as Damiana Leaf, a powerful and natural aphrodisiac. All of the ingrediants contained in Valentra are easily absorbed and will work immediately upon the clitoris to improve sensitivity.

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Aug 20th, 2009

Liquid Sex Tightening Cream

liquid-creamLiquid Tightening Cream ($16)

This luxurious liquid sex cream tightens the labia and vaginal canal allowing you to really grip your partner’s penis.

Use in conjunction with pelvic floor exercises and enhance orgasms for both yourself and your lover.

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Feb 25th, 2015

WOW Max O Clitoral Stimulating Cream

wow-maxWOW Max Clitoral Stimulating Cream ($14)

This advanced clitoral stimulating cream is the result of extensive scientific testing to formulate one of the most effective products on the market for women.  Spice up your sex life, experience heightened sexual arousal, and enjoy better and deeper orgasms with this WOW Max O clit cream.

The cream consists of a thick gel whose ingredients have been found to heighten female sexual pleasure – including two vasodilators which help to bring blood vessels to the surface of the skin, allowing for increased sensitivity during love making or masturbation.

WOW Max O is a sexual enhancer for women that is definately worth a try.

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Sep 30th, 2013

Female Sexual Accelerator Clit Cream


From: Fascinations

This water-soluble topical gel is applied directly to the clitoral area to increase feminine sexual excitement and pleasure. It contains menthol and the amino acid L-Arginine. Studies suggest that L-Arginine increases feminine arousal. Recent double blind studies found that L-Arginine improves clitoral sensitivity and frequency of orgasm. This is an excellent product for women experiencing a declining libido or for those women wishing to become multi-orgasmic. A half-ounce bottle will produce approximately 30 applications.

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Aug 20th, 2009